The CIA and U.S. Army developed a protocol with over 20 million dollars of funding called Remote Viewing (RV) that enables the unconscious mind's inherent ability to obtain knowledge about any person, place, thing in the past, present or future.

RV Master Tips Seminar 4-DVD
The Master Tips Seminar, by Major Ed Dames, provides newly revealed insider tips and secrets for maximizing your Remote Viewing abilities. Features exclusive lessons including how to decode ideograms and execute the extended S4 protocols that were previously utilized strictly by professional Remote Viewers.
Only $149.99
RV Financial Markets DVD
The Financial Markets Application Workshop presents the step-by-step process that professional Remote Viewers utilize for predicting each financial market including, FOREX, Indices, Financials, Commodities and Stocks. In regards to the integration of Remote Viewing itself, the protocols used are a hybrid of Associative Remote Viewing or Hybrid-ARV that provides entirely new cues and technical analysis that force the session results to be far more accurate than ever before.
Only $99.99
Remote Viewing the Lottery DVD
The numeric barriers can be difficult to bypass, even for more experienced Remote Viewers. As a result, new techniques that accompany the fundamental Remote Viewing skills are being refined each day. The method provided in the "Remote Viewing the Lottery" DVD is an easy to learn technique for obtaining single digit numeric information using Remote Viewing that has been used by numerous students to win the daily three lottery in various states!
Only $99.99
Remote Viewing Disasters DVD
Since the Remote Viewing program was declassified, civilians around the world have been learning Remote Viewing for personal use, but the specific method that professional viewers used to see future disasters and personal threats was previously taught ONLY in live training classes with the program's operations officer, Major Ed Dames. But now, after years of secrecy and public demand; these cues and techniques have been made available to the public in the new Remote Viewing Future Disaster Application Workshop DVD.
Only $99.99
Remote Viewing GeoLoc DVD
After years of secrecy, these two professional viewers have finally broken their silence and are revealing the Remote Viewing Geoloc technique to the world. With Geoloc, you can embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Locate anything you desire from buried gold and valuable objects to religious artifacts and people's locations! These new protocols are available exclusively in this advanced training DVD!
Only $99.99
Remote Viewing Sports Betting
One of the MOST secure secrets of all is how Remote Viewers are using a "variation" of RV to determine the outcome of sporting events in advance with unprecedented accuracy. Finally, a student that was with Major Dame's professional group in Las Vegas releases the process (with Major Dame's permission) that generated more than $250,000 in winnings in only one weekend! You are provided the EXACT steps used over this weekend used by all the remote viewers in this DVD! This is great news as this method is easy enough for even the beginning Remote Viewing students to use!
Only $99.99
Killshot Warning Video
Already watched by millions, Major Ed Dames' FREE Killshot DVD warning has brought global awareness that the Killshot is coming! George Noory from Coast to Coast AM praised this DVD and encouraged everyone to watch it. If you don't have your FREE copy, get it now!

Killshot & RV Updates
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