North Korea Killshot Precursor Event Confirmed by Global News Reports!

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The North Korea Prediction:

For those that have been following the Killshot precursor events unfold over the last several years, you know that only 2 predicted events remain until the Killshot begins! As of today, 1 of those 2 final remaining events is now 100% confirmed to have come to pass. This is not a sensationalized "fake news" but rather a serious matter that you absolutely must know about. In fact, Major Ed Dames will be on national radio and TV shows soon to share this news with the world.

Major Dames Killshot precursor prediction was quote...

"North Korea would use a nuke in anger, resulting in the loss of human life"

In fact, it's important to remember that this prediction was made on national media by Major Dames BEFORE North Korea was anywhere close to being nuclear capable, and at the time, even US intelligence agencies stated this could never happen, and yet, Dames stuck to his prediction, warning the world that not only would they obtain nukes, but they would be "used in anger" and result in human death.

So when nuclear tests began only a few years ago, the world gasped in shock and millions began following Major Dames' predictions regarding the Killshot. After all, he was also 100% accurate when it came to his Japanese tsunami prediction and the Fukushima disaster prediction in Japan!

But Major Dames never stated on national radio that his North Korea prediction "was ever fulfilled" because it was missing one element; the loss of human life. So in the meantime, many assumptions by the public were made including that the nuke would be used during a war, or launched by a ballistic missile, but neither of these details were ever actually a part of the original prediction. In fact, Dames even went on national radio and stated that he personally believed the nuke in question would be detonated on or underground - not launched on a missile!

Nuke Results in Loss of Human Life:

In recent news, the underground nuclear site where North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, was developing and testing nuclear weapons (out of anger) collapsed from too many detonations; resulting in loss of human life in the undergorund facility. In addition, the associated release of radiation, as reported by international news sources, is also believed to result in untold implications on nearby populations!

So the bottom line is that even though this Killshot precursor event may not have unfolded exactly how many may have imagined it, Dames' prediction is now 100% confirmed to have finally come to pass. Now only 1 event remains until the Killshot begins.

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